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Author Topic: Damage control: Microsoft deletes all comments under heavily criticized Windows  (Read 65 times)

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Some of the now-deleted comments accused Microsoft of being tone-deaf, while others harshly criticized Windows 11's controversial hardware requirements. The company now tries to get the displeased owners of incompatible hardware back under control.
Enrico Frahn, 08/03/2021 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 ...Windows

Windows 11 is still one of the hottest topics in the world of technology. A few days after we reported on a new video that discusses the Windows 11 upgrade in more detail, Microsoft has now dealt with the reactions from countless upset customers. Apart from the fact that Windows 11's system requirements cannot be bypassed in the final release version of the operating system, the tone in which Microsoft has addressed the issue so far has been met with anger.

In the aforementioned video, Microsoft employee Aria admitted that the situation "sucks" for customers with incompatible hardware, but that everyone else would enjoy the resulting improvements in terms of security and productivity. Users whose devices are soon to be stuck on Windows 10 (from US$129 on Amazon) apparently did not appreciate this kind of reasoning.

Due to a large number of negative reactions, Microsoft has closed the comment section under the YouTube video, which included the deletion of all previously posted comments. Before they were erased, users shared speculations that Microsoft introduced the overly stringent system requirements to sell more new devices. The Redmond-based software company would benefit greatly due to the included Windows licenses. Considering that the video has garnered almost 1000 dislikes and less than 100 likes so far, it's likely that this was not Microsoft's final battle in its effort to gain control over the narrative that is revolving around the controversial Windows 11 upgrade requirements.