Author Topic: Microsoft hides the 'Sign out' button in Windows 11 behind a Microsoft 365 ad  (Read 72 times)

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Microsoft is not done adding more odd stuff into its operating system. Following the not-so-great reception of new Start menu ads in one of the recent Beta builds, Microsoft is bringing even more ads, which, besides being slightly annoying, come at the cost of existing features. In build 22635.3500, the Sign Out button is now hidden behind a menu with a Microsoft 365 ad.

Microsoft calls the new thing "Account Manager." In a nutshell, it is a flyout with your existing subscriptions, a Microsoft 365 upsell, and a few account-related notifications, like a prompt to add a backup phone number or enable OneDrive backups. There is now also a link to your Microsoft Account settings.

Do you know what is not there? The Sign Out and Switch User button. Signing out of your profile now requires opening a submenu hidden behind a three-dot button. Microsoft thinks showing your Xbox Game Pass subscription expiration date and the amount of OneDrive storage is more important than the "Sign Out" button. Okay.

Here is how Microsoft describes the change:

This update starts the rollout of the new account manager on the Start menu. When you sign in with a Microsoft account, the new design gives you a glance at your account benefits and makes it easy to manage account settings.

The "Lock" button also has a new home—it now sits in the power menu alongside "Shut down," "Restart," and "Sleep" options.

The new "Account Manager" offers no apparent value or practicality besides making things less convenient. Subscription data and account notifications are already available on the Settings app's home page, along with various recommendations, Copilot ads, and more.

And yes, build 22635.3500 has a new banner for that section as well—there is now a Game Pass "recommendation" politely suggesting that you subscribe. But if you are already a Game Pass member, it will offer you some games from the catalog. Because "discovering your next favorite game" is what people want when opening the Settings app.