Author Topic: Build 2019: HoloLens 2 demo failed, but this is what it should've look like  (Read 569 times)

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Microsoft’s Build 2019 conference was meant to open with an amazing demo of the HoloLens 2, hosted by Andy Chaikin, a space historian and author and John Knoll, the chief creative officer at Industrial Light and Magic.

The demo was meant to show the unique ability of the HoloLens 2  and Unreal Engine to mix the virtual and real, in this case by bringing the Apollo 11 moon landing to the stage, allowing the participants to manipulate the craft directly.

In any case, the demonstration never happened, with the virtual imagery never showing up for viewers.

Fortunately, a rehearsal of the event has been preserved in the video, and can be seen embedded below.

I think the attendees would agree the demo would have been very inspiring. Hopefully, attendees will be able to have direct hands-on at the conference and form their own impressions of the $3500 headset.