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Author Topic: MWC 2012: A look ahead what to expect.  (Read 1625 times)

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MWC 2012: A look ahead what to expect.
« on: February 11, 2012, 10:44:31 AM »
Another year, another slew of mobile-related rumours: it can only mean that Mobile World Congress is just around the corner.

MWC 2012 promises to be the show that offers the world the fastest, sleekest and most powerful mobile devices on the planet (although that was said in 2004, when the Motorola E1000 was touted as one of the best things to put in the pocket).

This year we're expecting to see ridiculous numbers of tablets joining the slew of mobile phones we're subjected to every 12 months, with quad core likely to be a big theme this year too from all the top manufacturers.

This means things like console-quality graphics on high-definition screens in your pocket - expect gaming on the go to be a big theme in Barcelona this year.

Let's take a look at the tittle-tattle trickling out from the big names before the whole shebang kicks off on 26 February:

Well, we're pretty sure we know what's going to happen here: the Samsung Galaxy S3 is widely expected, to the point where if it DOESN'T launch Samsung is going to look pretty boring.

The phone is covered in conjecture already: will it have a 3D screen? Is it a quad core device? Or a dual core 2GHz phone? Has Samsung actually leaked an image of it already?

Update: Uh oh, S3 fans: there's a chance the phone might be delayed until the summer and not shown off at MWC after the company admitted it was deciding on a potential launch date. Although if you believe phone-bod Eldar Murtazin, we're still going to see it appear soon.

It's also been listed on the Samsung UAE website, so its appearance at the flagship mobile event is very much up in the air, it seems.

Update: Double Uh oh, S3 fans: Samsung has official stated the Galaxy S3 will not being appearing at MWC 2012.

Plus this is a company that dumps out a slew of new phones at every Mobile World Congress, and we expect way more than just an S3. We'll see the new Star 3, the Ace Plus and probably a whole host of other cheaper phones.

Update: Given the S3 news it looks like Samsung could unveil some filler products such as the Galaxy S2 Plus and Galaxy Note S both rumoured to run Ice Cream Sandwich.

We can also expect to get our hands-on the already announced Galaxy S Advance and Tocco Lite 2.

Samsung galaxy s3

Given the Galaxy Tab 7.7 still hasn't emerged, we'll probably be shown that device again - but there haven't been any rumours about a new Galaxy Tab in the near future.

Update: Two tablet models have appeared online suggesting Samsung is looking to launch new slabs at MWC. Could one of these be the rumoured Galaxy Tab 11.6?

MWC 2012 is likely to be the first event where we see the Sony brand fully taking over the Sony Ericsson portfolio, and a number of handsets have been mooted.

We've already seen the Sony Xperia S, but the Xperia Nypon and Kumquat are very likely to be the 'What's new' stuff the brand has promised at the Spanish event.

Sony xperia s

It's probable that the Xperia S is the flagship device from the brand, but refreshes to the Neo and Arc line are odds on for the new phones.

Update: It seems these devices have already popped up in the shape of the Tapioca and Nypon, and the Sony Xperia U seems nailed on to be one of the officially-named devices unveiled in Barcelona.

Update: The Kumquat and Nypon look to have be given their Xperia range names with details of the Xperia U (Kumquat) and Xperia P (Nypon) making their way onto the web. More details have also emerged on the Tapicoa too.

LG has been pretty quiet about its plans for MWC 2012 so far - but we do have an exciting tidbit of information about a possible quad core handset ready to make an appearance.

The X3 will be looking to take on the likes of the HTC Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the superphone stakes, with a Tegra 3 chipset on board according to the accounts.

It's also rumoured to house a 4.7-inch HD display (1280x720), 16GB of internal memory, rear 8MP and front-facing 1.3MP cameras in a body less than 9mm in depth, plus Android 4.0 on board.

Update: Model number LG-P880 has appear online and it is thought this is the X3. Details released with the model number also match previous reports on the handset.

Update: It also looks like LG is planning a mid-range Ice Cream Sandwich device currently known as the LG-P700.

The same report also tips an LG Optimus 3D 2 (or LG Optimus 3D Max, which sounds more likely).

Update: The next 3D phone in LG's range could well be the CX2, with a 1.2 dual-core processor, 4.3-inch 3D WVGA screen and dual 5MP cameras on the rear.

Update: We have also come across the Optimus Vu which touts an unusual 4:3 5-inch screen. This could just appear in Korea so we may not see it at MWC.

MWC has always been a big launch time for the Taiwanese brand, and we can't see this year being any exception, especially given the company really needs a win after seeing its stock price drop in 2011.

We're pretty sure a quad core device is on the way in the form of the HTC Edge, and the HTC Ville will be another member of its dual core club as well.

Update: More details on the HTC Ville have surfaced 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 4.3-inch qHD display, 8MP camera with full HD video capture, Beats audio and Ice Cream Sandwich with the new Sense 4.0 interface.

HTC ville

There have been rumours of a 10-inch tablet for the brand as well, but given the Flyer never really got going in the market we'll wait and see for that one.

The Finns have eschewed doing MWC 'properly' for the last couple of years - instead, we've sat through conferences about partnerships with Intel in off-campus locations to not much fanfare.

This year we're praying there's something more this year - Stephen Elop is giving a keynote, and the company has nabbed a large stand space too... albeit it in the 'App Planet' centre.

However, the time is right for a new Windows Phone for the UK from the brand, and something like the Nokia Champagne would make sense... although if Microsoft announces any changes, we expect Nokia to be on board with those as well.

Update: An industry insider has said that Nokia is planning at least one high-end phone for MWC, but no other details were provided. Nokia has dismissed claims that the Lumia 910 exists - so we won't be seeing that.

Update: Head of Nokia Stephen Elop has hinted that the company may be launching tablets in 2012. There is an outside chance we could see one at MWC.

As exclusively revealed by TechRadar, the company is planning a new range of handsets to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in 2012.

These are highly likely to be both Android and Windows Phone models, with Chris Edwards telling us that ZTE enjoys a 'great relationship' with both brands.

ZTE tania

The company may be showing off its tablet range too, but it's more likely that there will be a focus on ZTE becoming a brand in its own right in the mind of the UK consumer before branching out too heavily into other areas.

Asus hasn't been in the new much regarding Mobile World Congress, but will definitely be doing one thing: showing off the PadFone in more detail.

Asus padfone

The tablet/phone combo is still something of a mystery to a lot of people after being shut away at trade shows, but we'll hopefully get our hands on the more finished model at the event.

For the last two years Microsoft has unveiled something pretty snazzy around its Windows Phone platform, and we're hoping for more of the same again.

Our sources in the Redmond camp are quite excited about the forthcoming press conference from the brand, and while they wouldn't give details about what will be spoken about, there's a more-than-decent chance the forthcoming Tango (a lower-spec version of the OS) or even Apollo -Windows Phone 8- will be shown off to all and sundry.

We'll await the presence of Ballmer on stage to see what's really going on... but if Microsoft announces it's buying Nokia, we probably wouldn't bat an eyelid after all the speculation.

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