Author Topic: HarmonyOS Next gets closer to prime time, video shows off the new UI  (Read 169 times)

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HarmonyOS Next is getting closer to release – Huawei just posted an introduction video that highlights some of the changes to the UI design language. It’s trying to break away from the drab flat design and add back dimensionality with concepts like “Spatial,” “Vivid Color” and “Immersive.”

This version of HarmonyOS is dubbed the “Star River” edition, although some online translation services render the name as the “Galaxy” edition. We’ll stick with “Star River” to avoid confusion.

HarmonyOS Next will drop Android support in China, so local developers are busy porting over their apps to the new platform, which has its UI toolkit and compiler, which Huawei claims produces more efficient apps. Around half of the Top 200 apps in China are being converted.

The new platform has the support of major Chinese companies like Qihoo 360, China UnionPay (its Cloud Quick Pass will soon be enabled on the platform), Xiaohongshu (makers of what has been called “Chinese Instagram”), Amap (mapping, navigation), Tongcheng Travel (which was the first to use the transparent new theme for the UI) and others.

Note that HarmonyOS will retain Android support internationally, this mostly affects the home market.